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Academic Numeracy UPP085 Unit
Academic Numeracy XAB091 Unit
Academic Writing UPP026 Unit
Academic Writing XAB021 Unit
Agribusiness Finance ZAB115 Unit
Agribusiness Planning ZAB112 Unit
Applied Biology ZAS117 Unit
Applied Health and Community Support Project ZAC203 Unit
Applied Maths and Data and Analysis ZAS113 Unit
Applied Microbiology ZAS221 Unit
Applying Health and Wellbeing in Practice ZAC104 Unit
Aquaculture Hatchery Principles and Processes ZAS229 Unit
Aquatic Chemistry ZAS228 Unit
Aquatic Microbiology and Health ZAS227 Unit
Biology of Aquaculture Animals and Plants Term 2 2020 ZAS119 Unit
Bridging Maths and Bridging Maths and Introduction to Quantitative Methods XAB090 Unit
Bridging Maths and Introduction to Quantitative Methods UPP075 Unit
Building Cultural Capability in Health and Community Services ZAC209 Unit
Business Planning and Decision Making ZAA232 Unit
Category Management ZAA252 Unit
Chemistry Concepts ZAS222 Unit
Communication Skills UPP035 Unit
Complex Challenges to Mental Health and Wellbeing ZAC207 Unit
Computer Networks ZAT111 Unit
Contemporary Business Environments, Agribusiness Management, Intro to Industry ZAA131 Unit
Contemporary Business Environments/Agribusiness Management/Intro to Industry ZAB111 Unit
Contemporary Tourism ZAA139 Unit
Contract Management ZAA251 Unit
Cost Planning ZAX102 Unit
Data Analysis for Cyber Security ZAT213 Unit
Data Capture Technologies ZAT214 Unit
Data for Decision Making and Data Handling and Management ZAA231 Unit
Design Thinking & Digital Innovation ZAT117 Unit
Designing Events ZAA144 Unit
Designing for Technology and Innovation ZAT120 Unit
Digital Visitor Economy ZAA243 Unit
E-agribusiness, Technology and Innovation ZAB126 Unit
E-agribusiness, Technology and Innovation ZAB226 Unit
Electrical Systems ZAT112 Unit
Engaging Communities in Health and Wellbeing ZAC201 Unit
Entrepreneurial and Innovative Thinking ZAA234 Unit
Ethical Hacking ZAT215 Unit
Experiencing Science XAB080 Unit
Experiential Graphic Design ZAD228 Unit
Exploring Health and Wellbeing ZAC102 Unit
Fermentation Principles and Processes ZAS224 Unit
Financial Decision Making ZAA133 Unit
Financial Management and Law ZAH114 Unit
Foundations of Embedded Development ZAT212 Unit
Fundamental Principles of Agriculture (A) ZAB221 Unit
Fundamental Principles of Agriculture (B) ZAB222 Unit
Global Trends and Internationalisation ZAH116 Unit
Health and Community Services in Australia ZAC105 Unit
Horticultural Management ZAH111 Unit
Horticultural Marketing and Communication ZAH115 Unit
Hospitality Management ZAA240 Unit
Industry Project ZAA249 Unit
Information Security ZAT217 Unit
Intelligent Systems and Robotics ZAT216 Unit
Introduction to Academic Writing UPP025 Unit
Introduction to Equipment Design ZAE103 Unit
Introduction to Fabrication ZAE105 Unit
Introduction to Manufacturing ZAE101 Unit
Introduction to Science for Health Professionals XAB081 Unit
Inventory Control and Warehousing ZAA148 Unit
IT Security Management ZAT115 Unit
Leading People ZAA247 Unit
Lean Thinking ZAA140 Unit
Learning at University UPP010 Unit
Legislation and Standards in Construction ZAX103 Unit
Leisure Facility Management ZAA242 Unit
Leisure Planning ZAA238 Unit
Managing Contracts ZAA146 Unit
Managing Events ZAA236 Unit
Managing People and HRM in Agribusiness ZAA132 Unit
Managing Projects ZAA233 Unit
Managing Projects and Managing Projects, People & Yourself ZAS223 Unit
Material Science ZAE102 Unit
Microeconomics XPD014 Unit
Negotiated Study in Health and Community Services ZAC200 Unit
Organisation of Leisure, Sport and Recreation ZAA138 Unit
Organising for Change and Sustainability ZAC202 Unit
People and Culture ZAH112 Unit
Principles of Crop Production ZAB223 Unit
Principles of Individualised Support ZAC103 Unit
Principles of Soil Management ZAB224 Unit
Principles of Weed, Pest and Disease Management ZAB231 Unit
Procurement Processes and Strategies ZAA150 Unit
Production Horticulture ZAB227 Unit
Professional Communication ZAA135 Unit
Programming for Manufacturing ZAE104 Unit
Programming Principles ZAT113 Unit
Quality Management ZAS114 Unit
Quality Management ZAS231 Unit
Quality Systems and Practice in Health and Community Services ZAC106 Unit
Regulatory Challenges ZAS116 Unit
Research and Information Skills UPP045 Unit
Respecting the Individual and Their Context ZAC101 Unit
Sensors and Sensor Networks ZAT218 Unit
Separation Principles and Processes ZAS226 Unit
Sport and Recreation Administration ZAA141 Unit
Supply Chain and Logistics Management ZAA254 Unit
Supply Chain Management in Contemporary Organisations ZAA147 Unit
Supported Studies 1 UPP001 Unit
Supported Studies 2 UPP002 Unit
Sustainability ZAS118 Unit
The Business of Leisure ZAA136 Unit
The Wellbeing Toolkit ZWT001 Unit
The Work-Ready Toolkit ZWT002 Unit
Transport and Freight Strategies ZAA250 Unit
Understanding Science ZAS112 Unit
UPP Project A UPP016 Unit
Value Chain Management and Logistics ZAH113 Unit
Value Chain Management in Agribusiness ZAB116 Unit
Valuing the Volunteer ZAA244 Unit
Visitor Engagement ZAA142 Unit
Workplace Relations and Communication ZAX101 Unit

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