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(Advanced) Cons Phys and Dis Ecol KPZ306 Unit
Advanced Conservation Physiology and Disease Ecology KPZ716 Unit
Advanced Electromagnetism KYA320 Unit
Algebra 2 KMA251 Unit
Algebra 3 KMA351 Unit
Analysis 3A KMA315 Unit
Applied Genetics and Biotechnology KPZ309 Unit
Applied Geophysics KEA342 Unit
Applied Mathematics Foundation KMA002 Unit
Art-Science Data Visualisation XBR209 Unit
Atmospheric Physics and Stellar Astrophysics KYA206 Unit
Atomic and Nuclear Physics KYA323 Unit
Backyard Biodiversity KPZ006 Unit
Behavioural and Evolutionary Ecology KPZ303 Unit
Behavioural and Evolutionary Ecology and Advanced Behavioural and Evolutionary Ecology KPZ713 Unit
Biodiversity Conservation and Advanced Biodiversity Conservation KPZ722 Unit
Bioinformatics KMA712 Unit
Biological Sciences Research Unit KPZ304 Unit
Biology and Society and Advanced Biology and Society KPZ305 Unit
Biology of Animals KZA161 Unit
Biology of Plants KPA161 Unit
Calculus and Applications 2 and Engineering Mathematics KMA252 Unit
Calculus of Variations KMA381 Unit
Catalysis and Sustainable Reaction Processes KRA342 Unit
Cell Biology, Genetics and Evolution KPZ164 Unit
Chemistry (Honours) A KRA426 Unit
Chemistry 1A KRA101 Unit
Chemistry 1A Hobart KRA113 Unit
Chemistry 1B KRA102 Unit
Chemistry 1B Hobart KRA114 Unit
Chemistry Foundation Unit KRA001 Unit
Chemistry Foundation Unit and Chemistry for Life Sciences KRA161 Unit
Chemistry Research Project and Chemistry honours A KRA589 Unit
Computational Techniques 3 and Engineering Numerical Methods KMA350 Unit
Data Handling and Statistics 1 KMA153 Unit
Data Handling and Statistics 2 and Data Handling and Statistics 2 KMA253 Unit
Data Handling and Statistics 3 KMA353 Unit
Differential Equations, Linear Algebra & Applications 2 KMA254 Unit
Dynamical Systems and Chaos KYA314 Unit
Earth Resources, Environments and Evolution KEA102 Unit
Earth's Materials and Interior KEA208 Unit
Earth's Surface KEA209 Unit
Earth, Climate and Life KGA204 Unit
Earth, Climate and Life KGA507 Unit
Ecology KPZ163 Unit
Ecology of Ecosystems and Advanced Ecology of Ecosystems KPZ719 Unit
Economic Geology KEA341 Unit
Electromagnetism and Thermodynamics and Engineering Physics KYA212 Unit
Energy XBR117 Unit
Engineering Mathematics 2B KME272 Unit
Environmental Chemistry KRA211 Unit
Environmental Geology KEA348 Unit
Environmental Monitoring and Remediation KRA300 Unit
Experimental Astrophysics and Experimental Astrophysics KYA307 Unit
Field Botany and Tasmanian Plants and their Ecology KPZ701 Unit
Fluid Mechanics KYA315 Unit
Functional Biology of Animals KZA212 Unit
Functional Plant Biology KPZ311 Unit
Genetics and Evolution KPZ215 Unit
Genetics and Evolution III and Advanced Genetics and Evolution KPZ310 Unit
Geological Mapping KEA310 Unit
Honours in Earth Sciences, 2020 KEA400 Unit
Humans: Earth Shapers XBR112 Unit
Humans: Earth Shapers KEA104 Unit
Igneous Petrology and Geochemistry KEA304 Unit
Instrumental Chemistry KRA306 Unit
Introduction to Geophysics and Computer Applications KEA230 Unit
Laboratory Techniques and Scientific Reporting KRA521 Unit
Literature Review (Masters of Applied Science-Chemistry) KRA710 Unit
Marine Geosciences KEA270 Unit
Master of Applied Science (Chemistry) Thesis A KRA708 Unit
Mathematics 1A and Mathematics 1A KMA552 Unit
Mathematics 1B KMA154 Unit
Mathematics Foundation Unit KMA003 Unit
Mathematics Honours A, B, C, D KMA418 Unit
Natural Hazards and Disasters XBR208 Unit
Operations Research 2 KMA255 Unit
Operations Research 3 KMA355 Unit
Ore Deposit Models and Exploration Strategies KEA712 Unit
Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry KRA341 Unit
Organic and Inorganic Chemistry KRA241 Unit
Partial Differential Equations, Applications and Methods 3 KMA354 Unit
Physical and Analytical Chemistry KRA242 Unit
Physics 1A KYA101 Unit
Physics 1A and Physics 1A KYA501 Unit
Physics 1B and Physics 1B KYA102 Unit
Physics 4 (Honours) A, B, C and D KYA436 Unit
Physics Foundation Unit KYA004 Unit
Planet Earth KEA101 Unit
Plants in Action KPA214 Unit
Plants of Tasmania KPA210 Unit
Political Ecologies of Development KGA308 Unit
Population and Community Ecology KPZ211 Unit
Principles of Statistics 3 KMA356 Unit
Probability Models 3 KMA305 Unit
Science and Policy for Energy Futures KGA319 Unit
Science of Gardening KPZ001 Unit
Science of Gardening 2 KPZ003 Unit
Scientific Methods in Biology and Advanced Scientific Methods in Biology KPZ720 Unit
Statistical Analysis Using R KMA711 Unit
Stellar and Planetary Physics KYA305 Unit
STEM Communication KAA317 Unit
STEM Work Integrated Learning KAA315 Unit
Structure and Materials KRA343 Unit
Tasmanian Fauna: Ecological and Evolutionary Studies KZA215 Unit
Tectonics and Volcanology KEA306 Unit
The Sciences and Society XBR204 Unit
Volcanology and Mineralisation in Volcanic Terrains KEA708 Unit
Wave Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics KYA321 Unit
Waves and Kinetic Theory and Engineering Waves and Antennas KYA374 Unit

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