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Advanced Digital Electronics ENG442 Unit
Advanced Dynamics & Vibrations KNE462 Unit
Advanced Dynamics and Vibrations ENG312 Unit
Advanced Mechanical Design ENG723 Unit
Analog Electronics ENG234 Unit
Asset Management Fundamentals and Asset Management Fundamentals KNE744 Unit
Civil and Mechanical Engineering Fundamentals ENG703 Unit
Communication Systems ENG334 Unit
Computational Engineering ENG435 Unit
Computational Intelligence and Computational Intelligence ENG335 Unit
Computer and Data Networks KNE434 Unit
Conceptual Design and Communication ENG101 Unit
Control Systems 1 ENG331 Unit
Control Systems 2 ENG432 Unit
Design for Manufacture ENG314 Unit
Design of Microprocessors and Microcontrollers KNE345 Unit
Design of RF-analogue electronics KNE488 Unit
Digital Communication Systems KNE432 Unit
Digital Electronics ENG233 Unit
Dynamics and Vibrations ENG211 Unit
Electrical and Mechatronic Design ENG232 Unit
Electrical Machines and Transformers ENG231 Unit
Electrical Power Design KNE446 Unit
Engineering Circuit Theory ENG104 Unit
Engineering Design 1 ENG102 Unit
Engineering Design and Build A ENG201 Unit
Engineering Dynamics ENG105 Unit
Engineering Geology and Soil Mechanics ENG221 Unit
Engineering Projects A and B KNE790 Unit
Engineering Projects A and B KNE408 Unit
Engineering Statics KAA110 Unit
Environmental Engineering KNE470 Unit
Fluid Mechanics 2 KNE451 Unit
Geotechnical Engineering and Foundation Engineering and Design KNE373 Unit
Hydraulic Engineering and Hydraulic Engineering KNE711 Unit
Industrial Experience KNE390 Unit
Industrial Experience Preparation KNE389 Unit
Materials Engineering ENG223 Unit
Materials Engineering and Materials Engineering ENG709 Unit
Mechanical Design and Manufacturing KNE457 Unit
Power Electronics ENG440 Unit
Power Electronics and Applications KNE343 Unit
Power System Dynamics and Stability ENG766 Unit
Power System Dynamics and Stability ENG441 Unit
Power System Operation and Control KNE443 Unit
Power Systems 1 ENG333 Unit
Process Control Engineering KNE444 Unit
Renewable Energy Systems KNE491 Unit
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering KNE787 Unit
Signals and Linear Systems ENG332 Unit
Steel and Timber Design and Steel and Timber Structures ENG321 Unit
STEM Experience (EWB humanitarian design summit) KAA316 Unit
Stress Analysis and Stress Analysis KNE722 Unit
Structural Mechanics KNE312 Unit
Structural Mechanics and Civil and Mechanical Engineering Fundamentals ENG222 Unit
Technical English Communication for Engineering ENG340 Unit
Thermal and Fluid Engineering ENG212 Unit
Thermal Engineering ENG311 Unit
Thermal Engineering ENG720 Unit
Thermal Engineering 2 KNE454 Unit
Transportation Engineering and Transportation Engineering ENG322 Unit
Work Placement ENG700 Unit
Work Placement A ENG203 Unit
Work Placement B ENG303 Unit

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