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Advanced Food Safety Management KLA394 Unit
Agribusiness Innovation and Entrepreneurship KLA507 Unit
Agribusiness Placement KLA379 Unit
Agricultural Landscape Systems KLA534 Unit
Agricultural Technology and Innovation and Agricultural Technology and Innovation KLA316 Unit
Agrifood Research Methods KLA439 Unit
Agrifood Research Methods KLA201 Unit
Animal Production Systems KLA120 Unit
Animal Production Systems KLA220 Unit
Animal Science KLA326 Unit
Applied Environmental Microbiology and Applied and Environmental Microbiology KLA398 Unit
Applied Project A KAA409 Unit
Applied Project B KAA410 Unit
Case Studies in Agriculture KLA719 Unit
Crop Physiology KLA618 Unit
Crop Physiology KLA214 Unit
Crop Physiology and Crop Physiology KLA433 Unit
Crop Production KLA257 Unit
Crop Protection and Biosecurity KLA311 Unit
Experimental Design and Analysis for Agri-Food Research KLA310 Unit
Farm Business Economics KLA202 Unit
Farming Systems KLA312 Unit
Farming Systems and Business Management KLA535 Unit
Fermented Food and Beverages KLA617 Unit
Fermented Food and Beverages KLA298 Unit
Food and Fibre Production in a Global Market KLA100 Unit
Food Chemistry and Toxicology KLA460 Unit
Food Composition and Analysis KLB300 Unit
Food Microbiology KLA396 Unit
Food Microbiology and Food Microbiology KLA609 Unit
Food Regulations KLA308 Unit
Foodborne Pathogens and Foodborne Pathogens KLA304 Unit
From bugs to bucks: The business of fermented food and drink XBR211 Unit
Global Food Security KLA103 Unit
Global Trends & New Market Opportunities KLA506 Unit
Horticultural Marketing and Communication KLA505 Unit
Industry Analysis and Adoption and Industry Analysis and Adoption KLA249 Unit
Introductory Entomology and Plant Pathology KLA255 Unit
Leadership, People and Culture KLA502 Unit
Literature Review KLA483 Unit
Lower Life Forms: Insects and Plant Diseases KLA435 Unit
Master of Applied Science (Agricultural Science) Thesis KLA711 Unit
Master of Applied Science Project (Part A) KLA709 Unit
Master of Applied Science Project (Part B) KLA710 Unit
Master of Applied Science Thesis Agricultural Science & Microbiology KLA717 Unit
Microbes and Man KLA436 Unit
Microbiology KLA210 Unit
Microbiology and Microbiology and Microbiology (Marine) KLA437 Unit
Pasture and Animal Science and Pasture and Animal Science KLA438 Unit
Plant Pathology KLA346 Unit
Project Planning KLA721 Unit
Responsible and Sustainable Innovation KLA101 Unit
Soil Nutrients and Water KLA213 Unit
Sustainable Resource Management KLA115 Unit
Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture Honours KLA486 Unit

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