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(Advanced) Multicore Architecture and Programming KIT408 Unit
Advanced CyberSecurity and eForensics KIT325 Unit
Analysis of Observations KGG370 Unit
Artificial Intelligence KIT108 Unit
Big Data and Cloud Computing and Advanced Big Data and Cloud Computing (Elite) KIT318 Unit
Business and Information Analysis KXO222 Unit
Business Logistics KXO325 Unit
Catchment and Coastal Geomorphology KGA326 Unit
Catchment and Coastal Geomorphology KGA216 Unit
Change Agents for Sustainability KGA301 Unit
Climate Change: Economics, Politics and Planning KGA705 Unit
Computational Science & Discrete Mathematics 1 KIT103 Unit
Computer Graphics and Animation KIT307 Unit
Conserving Nature in Landscapes and Ecosystem Conservation KGA332 Unit
Conserving Nature in Protected Areas KGA530 Unit
Critical Planning: Theory, Process and Applications KGA511 Unit
CyberSecurity and Ethical Hacking KIT112 Unit
Data Management KXO131 Unit
Data Networks and Security KIT111 Unit
Data Structures and Algorithms KIT205 Unit
Database Management Systems KXO206 Unit
Developing your Creative and Entrepreneurial Potential XBR102 Unit
eLogistics KIT710 Unit
Embedded Systems KIT406 Unit
Enterprise Architecture and Systems KIT709 Unit
Environmental Impact Assessment KGA581 Unit
Environmental Management KGA223 Unit
Fire, Weeds and Ferals: Conserving Nature in Protected Areas KGA331 Unit
Fundamentals of Spatial Information KGG539 Unit
Games Fundamentals KIT109 Unit
Geodesy: Observing Our Changing Planet KGG307 Unit
Geographies of Economy, Politics and Culture KGA205 Unit
Geographies of Island Places KGA318 Unit
Geography and Environment Research Project KGA300 Unit
Geoheritage and Geotourism KGA327 Unit
GIS: Advanced Spatial Analysis and Environmental Geographic Information Science C KGG375 Unit
GIS: Spatial Analysis and Environmental Geographic Information Science B KGG212 Unit
Global Geographies of Change KGA171 Unit
Global Navigation Satellite Systems KGG306 Unit
Honours Preparation and Projects (Geog/Spatial Science) KGA461 Unit
Human Computer Interaction and Human Computer Interaction KIT613 Unit
ICT Industry Placement KIT511 Unit
ICT Industry Placement KIT211 Unit
ICT Professional Practices KIT105 Unit
ICT Professional Practices and Project Management KIT503 Unit
ICT Project A KIT301 Unit
ICT Project B KIT302 Unit
ICT Project Management KXO231 Unit
ICT Project Management and Modelling KIT203 Unit
ICT R&D Project 1 and ICT R&D Project 2 and ICT R&D Project 3 KIT110 Unit
ICT R&D Project 3 KIT310 Unit
ICT Research Dissertation KIT703 Unit
ICT Research Methods KIT701 Unit
ICT Research Methods and ICT Research Methods KIT401 Unit
ICT Research Principles KIT714 Unit
ICT Solutions Analysis for Business KIT204 Unit
ICT System Acquisition and Integration KIT303 Unit
ICT Systems Administration Fundamentals KIT501 Unit
Information Systems Management KIT312 Unit
Introduction to Spatial Information KGG102 Unit
Introduction to Surveying and Spatial Sciences KGG315 Unit
Introduction to the Science of Climate Change KGA104 Unit
Knowledge and Information Management KIT707 Unit
Landscape Conservation and Recreation KGA527 Unit
Local Lives for a Sustainable Planet KGA107 Unit
Mobile Application Development and Mobile Application Development KIT607 Unit
Multi-perspective ICT Project KIT713 Unit
Network Security Techniques and Technology KIT711 Unit
Operating Systems KIT213 Unit
Our Changing Climate KGA320 Unit
Planning and Managing for Sustainable Systems KGA514 Unit
Postgraduate Study Skills KGA539 Unit
Professional Placement KGA513 Unit
Professional Practice KGG509 Unit
Professional Practice Studio KGG304 Unit
Professional Research Methods KGA703 Unit
Professional Research Practice KGA704 Unit
Programming KIT107 Unit
Programming and Problem Solving KXO151 Unit
Programming for Intelligent Web Services and Applications KIT405 Unit
Programming Fundamentals KIT101 Unit
Programming Preparation KIT001 Unit
Protected Area Management Plans KGA531 Unit
Protected Area Planning and Management Systems KGA517 Unit
Qualitative Research Methods KGA520 Unit
Regional Planning - Economy, Environment, Society, Infrastructure KGA522 Unit
Remote Sensing: Drone Photogrammetry KGG544 Unit
Remote Sensing: Image Analysis and Environmental Remote Sensing B KGG213 Unit
Remote Sensing: Introduction and Environmental Remote Sensing A KGG103 Unit
Research Methods KIT321 Unit
Research Thesis A and Research Thesis B KGA743 Unit
Reserve System Planning KGA532 Unit
Secure Web Development and Cloud Computing KIT214 Unit
Secure Web Programming KIT202 Unit
Sensor Networks and Applications KIT317 Unit
Server Administration and Security Assurance KIT304 Unit
Social and Cultural issues of Interactive Digital Media KIT311 Unit
Software Design and Development and Software Application Design and Implementation KIT206 Unit
Space, Place and Nature KGA172 Unit
Spatial Research Project KGG355 Unit
Statutory Land Use Planning KGA512 Unit
Surveying 1 KGG255 Unit
Surveying 2 KGG220 Unit
Surveying 3 KGG320 Unit
Urban Planning and Design KGA521 Unit
Virtual and Mixed Reality Technology and Virtual and Mixed Reality Technology KIT508 Unit
Virtual and Mixed Reality Technology and Virtual and Mixed Reality Technology KIT208 Unit
Web Development KIT502 Unit
Wilderness Management KGA378 Unit

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