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Advanced Applied Mechanics JNE310 Unit
Advanced Electro-technology JNE311 Unit
Advanced Fire Fighting JVD210 Unit
Advanced Marine Control and Automation JNE315 Unit
Advanced Marine Electrical Engineering JNE314 Unit
Advanced Marine Engineering (General) JNE313 Unit
Advanced Marine Engineering (Motor) JNE316 Unit
Advanced Marine Navigation JND321 Unit
Advanced Marine Thermodynamics JNE312 Unit
Advanced Maritime Structures JEE416 Unit
Advanced Naval Architecture and Ship Construction JNE319 Unit
Advanced Ship Stability JND318 Unit
Air Freight Transport JNB161 Unit
Analysis of Machines and Structures JEE332 Unit
Analytical Methods for Decision-Making JNB252 Unit
Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics JEE480 Unit
Applied Mechanics JNE238 Unit
Applied Ocean Wave Mechanics JEE306 Unit
Applied Offshore Structural Engineering JEE320 Unit
Associated Infrastructure JEE157 Unit
Bluefin: Maritime Engineering JEE358 Unit
Bridge Equipment JND294 Unit
Business Analytics and Operations Research JNB535 Unit
Business analytics and operations research JNB635 Unit
Business Logistics JNB522 Unit
Calculus of Several Variables JEE235 Unit
Chartering and Broking JNB250 Unit
Command Operations JND319 Unit
Commercial and Transport Law JNB163 Unit
Commercial Ship Management JNB534 Unit
Computational Fluid Dynamics and Hydrodynamics JEE509 Unit
Design of Coastal Engineering Structures JEE402 Unit
Design of Floating Offshore Structures JEE359 Unit
Design of Marine Machinery Systems JEE523 Unit
Design of Marine Machinery Systems JEE529 Unit
Design of Offshore Systems JEE361 Unit
Design Project (Part:1/2) and Design Project (Part:2/2) JEE421 Unit
Dissertation A 2020 S1 JEE501 Unit
Dissertation B 2020 S1 JEE502 Unit
Dissertation C 2020 S1 JEE521 Unit
Dissertation Part 1/3 JNB718 Unit
Dissertation Part 2/3 JNB721 Unit
Dissertation Part 3/3 JNB722 Unit
Dissertation Part A JND703 Unit
Dissertation Part B JND702 Unit
Dynamics JEE136 Unit
E-Commerce Logistics Management JNB738 Unit
E-Commerce Logistics Management JNB538 Unit
Electrical Electronics and Control Systems JNE231 Unit
Electrical Fundamentals JEE114 Unit
Engineering Design and Communication JEE113 Unit
Engineering Design and Presentation JNE122 Unit
Exporting and Importing JNB160 Unit
Finance for Decision-Making JNB518 Unit
Financial Resource Management JNB159 Unit
Finite Element Analysis JEE350 Unit
Fluid Mechanics JEE221 Unit
Fundamentals of Marine Navigation JND150 Unit
Fundamentals of Track Engineering JEE151 Unit
Global Procurement JNB357 Unit
Harbour Operations and Services JND517 Unit
Human Factors and Risk Management in Marine Navigation JND305 Unit
Hydrodynamics JEE337 Unit
Hydrostatics JEE225 Unit
Industry Research Project JNB728 Unit
International Business Communication JNB154 Unit
International Business Management JNB251 Unit
International Human Resource Management JNB513 Unit
International Maritime Policy JNB526 Unit
International Trade JNB512 Unit
International Transport Systems JNB158 Unit
Introduction to Maritime Engineering Design JEE252 Unit
Introduction to Maritime Science, Engineering and Technology JEE246 Unit
Introduction to the Maritime Industry JNB156 Unit
Knowledge Management JNB735 Unit
Knowledge Management JNB515 Unit
Logistics Management JNB225 Unit
Management JNB517 Unit
Management and Operations JEE152 Unit
Management of Engineering Projects JEE505 Unit
Managerial and Leadership Skills JND323 Unit
Managing People for Competitive Advantage JNB324 Unit
Marine Confined Space Entry JVD182 Unit
Marine Electrical Powering & Systems JEE362 Unit
Marine Electronic Navigation JND280 Unit
Marine Mathematics I JNE124 Unit
Marine Mathematics II JNE235 Unit
Marine Navigation JND292 Unit
Marine Propulsion Systems JEE500 Unit
Marine Superintendency JND512 Unit
Marine Superintendency JND612 Unit
Marine Surveying and Inspection JND513 Unit
Marine Surveying and Inspection JND613 Unit
Marine Thermodynamics JNE239 Unit
Marine Transportation I JND286 Unit
Marine Transportation II JND312 Unit
Maritime Automation JEE344 Unit
Maritime Economics JNB260 Unit
Maritime Economics JNB328 Unit
Maritime Economics for Managers JNB521 Unit
Maritime Engineering Design JEE483 Unit
Maritime Law JNB520 Unit
Maritime Law JNB253 Unit
Maritime Law JNB620 Unit
Maritime Safety JND503 Unit
Maritime Systems JEE360 Unit
Materials & Production Processes for Maritime Infrastructure JEE253 Unit
Mathematics I JEE103 Unit
Mathematics II JEE104 Unit
Mechanics of Solids JEE220 Unit
Medical Care for Shipmasters JVD304 Unit
Modelling and Simulation of Marine Systems JEE506 Unit
Nautical Mathematics JND291 Unit
Navigational Watchkeeping JND281 Unit
Operational Marine Engineering (General) JNE241 Unit
Operational Marine Engineering (Motor) JNE242 Unit
Operational Marine Engineering (Steam) JNE243 Unit
Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities JVD172 Unit
Personal Survival Techniques JVD173 Unit
Port and Terminal Management JNB204 Unit
Port and Terminal Management JNB325 Unit
Port Management and Strategy JNB516 Unit
Port Management and Strategy JNB616 Unit
Principles of Freight Forwarding JNB254 Unit
Principles of Naval Architecture JEE504 Unit
Proficiency in Survival Craft other than Fast Rescue Boats JVD212 Unit
Programming and Problem Solving for Engineers JEE101 Unit
Reliability Engineering JEE489 Unit
Research Methods JNB608 Unit
Research Methods JNB508 Unit
Research Project (Part:1/2) JEE418 Unit
Research Project (Part:1/2) and Research Project (Part:2/2) JEE419 Unit
Resistance and Propulsion JEE333 Unit
Seakeeping and Manoeuvring JEE329 Unit
Security Awareness JVD174 Unit
Ship and Engine Resource Management JNE234 Unit
Ship Chartering JNB365 Unit
Ship Design JEE503 Unit
Ship Design JND317 Unit
Ship Operations Management JNB261 Unit
Ship Operations Management JNB155 Unit
Ship Stability and Seaworthiness JND287 Unit
Shipboard Electronics JNE244 Unit
Shipboard Operations (Engine) JNE123 Unit
Shipboard Operations I JND151 Unit
Shipboard Operations II JND288 Unit
Shipping Business and Law JND322 Unit
Shipyard Production Processes JND514 Unit
Signal Conditioning, Data Acquisition and Data Analysis JEE508 Unit
Special Topics in Ocean Engineering JEE492 Unit
Statics JEE135 Unit
Strategic Management JNB519 Unit
Strategic Management JNB739 Unit
Strategic Management in Networked Industries JNB360 Unit
Strategic Procurement Management JNB537 Unit
Strategic Procurement Management JNB637 Unit
Supply Chain Management JNB330 Unit
Supply Chain Management JNB524 Unit
Supply Chain Management JNB624 Unit
Thermal Engineering JEE223 Unit
Track Design and Construction JEE155 Unit
Transformational Leadership JNB514 Unit
Transport Research Project JNB359 Unit
Turnouts JEE156 Unit
Underwater Vehicle Technology JEE491 Unit
Warehousing and Distribution JNB258 Unit
Warehousing and Inventory Management JNB539 Unit
Weather Watchkeeping JND293 Unit

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