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Advanced Design Research KDA718 Unit
Advanced Design Studio A KDA430 Unit
Advanced Technologies KDA716 Unit
Alterations, Collisions, Insertions KDA138 Unit
Architecture Design Studio 5 and Interior Design Studio 5 KDA319 Unit
Architecture Design Studio 6 KDA321 Unit
Architecture Studio: Form KDA240 Unit
Architecture Technology-Studio: Heritage KDA337 Unit
Architecture Theory: Built Environments KDA235 Unit
Architecture Theory: Discipline Futures KDA349 Unit
Architecture Theory: Practice Contexts KDA338 Unit
Board Processing: Hardwood and Softwood KDA506 Unit
Building Technology in Design 5: Interior Lighting and Acoustics KDA313 Unit
Building Technology in Design 6 KDA323 Unit
Crafting Productions KDA250 Unit
Design Research - Communication KDA409 Unit
Design Research - Methods KDA408 Unit
Design Studio 1 - Islands KDA146 Unit
Design Studio 4 - Communities KDA247 Unit
Design Studio: Elements KDA103 Unit
Design Thinking 1 - Islands KDA143 Unit
Design Thinking 2 - Clouds KDA144 Unit
Design Thinking 3 - Ecologies KDA248 Unit
Design Thinking 4 - Communities KDA249 Unit
Design WIL KDA416 Unit
Design WIL A KDA417 Unit
Design WIL B KDA418 Unit
Digital Design Processes KDA345 Unit
Digital Fabrication KDA149 Unit
Dissertation A (BEnvDes(Hons)) KDA477 Unit
Engineered Wood Products KDA507 Unit
Global Studio KDA715 Unit
Healthy Interior Environments KDA320 Unit
Histories and Theories of Architecture KDA241 Unit
History and Theory in Design 5: Critical Practice & Theory KDA312 Unit
History and Theory in Design 6: Critical Theories KDA322 Unit
Integrated Studio KDA719 Unit
Interdisciplinary Design KDA304 Unit
Interior Design Studio 6 KDA325 Unit
Introduction to Sustainable Design for Houses KDA101 Unit
Light and Colour Studio KDA237 Unit
Light, Sound, Surface KDA243 Unit
Materials and Connections KDA147 Unit
Materials and Tectonics KDA139 Unit
Order, Relation, System KDA140 Unit
Professional Project KDA720 Unit
Professional Studies KDA717 Unit
Representing Architecture KDA151 Unit
Spatial Typologies KDA244 Unit
Structure and Skin KDA245 Unit
Sustainable Design for Houses and Landscapes KDA102 Unit
Systems Design KDA309 Unit
Timber and Durability in Exposed Applications KDA505 Unit
Timber in Building Construction KDA504 Unit
Timber, its origin and characteristics KDA335 Unit
Urban Futures Studio KDA714 Unit
Visualisation and Fabrication KDA141 Unit

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