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3D Design 1 FSF111 Unit
3D Design 2A FSF214 Unit
3D Design 2B FSF215 Unit
Advanced Chamber Music 1 and 2 FCA515 Unit
Applied Popular Music Theory 1 FCA102 Unit
Applied Popular Music Theory 2 FCA103 Unit
Arranging for Popular Music 1 FCA206 Unit
Arranging for Popular Music 2 FCA207 Unit
Arts in the Community FXA301 Unit
Audio Post Production FCJ218 Unit
Bachelor of Contemporary Arts with Honours C and D HXA419 Unit
Ceramics 1 FFC110 Unit
Communicating Sustainability HEJ111 Unit
Complementary Study FCB415 Unit
Complementary Study FCB215 Unit
Composition 1 FCA511 Unit
Contemporary Techniques 1 FCA104 Unit
Contemporary Techniques 2 FCA105 Unit
Contemporary Techniques 3 FCA204 Unit
Contemporary Techniques 4 FCA205 Unit
Creative Arts, Play and Mental Wellbeing FXA303 Unit
Creativity for life FXA101 Unit
Critical Practices 1A FSA121 Unit
Critical Practices 1B FSA122 Unit
Critical Practices 2A FSA221 Unit
Critical Practices 2B FSA222 Unit
Critical Practices 3A FSA321 Unit
Critical Practices 3B FSA322 Unit
Curatorial Practice FSA306 Unit
Design Studio 2 - Clouds KDA142 Unit
Design Studio 3 - Ecologies KDA246 Unit
Digital Photography FFR317 Unit
Drawing & Printmaking 1 FSD112 Unit
Drawing 1 FSD111 Unit
Drawing 2A: Translation, Interpretation and Practice FSD214 Unit
Drawing 2B: Image and Construction FSD215 Unit
Effective Speaking FPB352 Unit
Emerging Screen Practices HEJ345 Unit
Ensembles at the Conservatorium 2020 FCA411 Unit
Exegesis Project FCZ430 Unit
Experimental Production 2 FPB318 Unit
F4A - Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) FSA405 Unit
Fieldtrip in Media Industries, Practices, and Cultures HEJ351 Unit
Foundation Practical Study and Advanced Practical Study FCP113 Unit
Hand and Machine: Beyond Craft FFX315 Unit
Honours and Postgraduate Music Performance FCA502 Unit
Honours Creative Practice 1 FCM414 Unit
Honours Creative Practice 2 FCM424 Unit
Honours Research Project A & B (Sem 1 only) HEJ410 Unit
Improvisation Skills FCB201 Unit
Industry Placement HEJ354 Unit
Introduction to Creative Practice Research Methodologies FSA506 Unit
Introduction to Digital 3D Fabrication FSF102 Unit
Introduction to Digital Layout FSG101 Unit
Introduction to Sustainability Literacy KAA106 Unit
Life Drawing (Expression) FSD256 Unit
Life Drawing (Form) FSD255 Unit
Making Media: Filming, Editing and Design HEJ140 Unit
Making the Event FSX206 Unit
Making the Event B FSX306 Unit
Making Theatre FPB303 Unit
Masters Research Project A and B HEJ705 Unit
Media and Crime HEJ342 Unit
Media and Screen Industries HEJ130 Unit
Media Projects HEJ360 Unit
Media Relations HEJ507 Unit
Media Writing HEJ504 Unit
Media, Power and Communication HEJ308 Unit
Multiplatform Storytelling HEJ419 Unit
Music and Place FCA106 Unit
Music and Politics FCA208 Unit
Music and the Western Church FCH205 Unit
Music Creation 1 FCA315 Unit
Music Creation 2 FCA316 Unit
Music Industry Project FCI302 Unit
Music Industry Projects FCI101 Unit
Music Materials 1 FCP101 Unit
Music Materials 2 FCP102 Unit
Music Materials 3 FCP201 Unit
Music Materials 4 FCP202 Unit
Music Practice 1 FCA111 Unit
Music Practice 2 FCA112 Unit
Music Practice 2020 FCA311 Unit
Music Practice 3 FCA211 Unit
Music Practice 4 FCA212 Unit
Music Practice 6 FCA312 Unit
Music Practice Extension 1 and 2 FCA314 Unit
Music Project 1 and Music Project 2 FCE202 Unit
Music Research Methodology FCA445 Unit
Music Technology Projects FCJ110 Unit
Music Technology Projects and Music Technology Projects 2 FCJ111 Unit
Music, Mind and Body XBR300 Unit
Music, Mind and Body FXA300 Unit
News: Contemporary Practice and Analysis HEJ355 Unit
Object Design FSF104 Unit
Oral History HAA106 Unit
Painting 1 FSP111 Unit
Painting 2A FSP214 Unit
Painting 2B FSP215 Unit
Performance Skills 1 FPB130 Unit
Performance Skills 2 FPB226 Unit
Perspectives of the Arts on Health and Wellbeing FXA302 Unit
Photography 1 FSH111 Unit
Photography 2A FSH214 Unit
Photography 2B FSH215 Unit
Photomedia 1 FFR110 Unit
Playing Texts FPB236 Unit
Practical Study and Foundation Practical Study FCP105 Unit
Printmaking 1 FSR111 Unit
Printmaking 2A FSR214 Unit
Printmaking 2B FSR215 Unit
Production Project FPB304 Unit
Professional Internship HEJ608 Unit
Professional Practice FSA303 Unit
Public Relations HEJ510 Unit
Public Relations HEJ350 Unit
Recording and Live Sound FCJ120 Unit
Recording, Mixing and Mastering FCJ221 Unit
Research Projects HEJ409 Unit
Researching Media and Communication HEJ412 Unit
Sculpture 1 FSS111 Unit
Sculpture 2A FSS214 Unit
Sculpture 2B FSS215 Unit
Shaping the Global Soundcloud XBR213 Unit
Strategic Social Media HEJ509 Unit
Studio Music Teaching FCB304 Unit
Studio Practice 2A FFE201 Unit
Studio Practice 2B FFE202 Unit
Studio Practice 2C FFE203 Unit
Studio Practice 2D FFE204 Unit
Studio Practice 3A FSX311 Unit
Studio Practice 3B FSX312 Unit
Texts and Audiences HEJ150 Unit
The Arts and Dementia Care FXA100 Unit
The Electronic Musician FCJ220 Unit
The Music Business 1 FCA114 Unit
The Photo Essay: An Introduction HEJ001 Unit
The Photo Essay: Storytelling with image and text FXA202 Unit
The Recording Musician FCJ214 Unit
The Theatre Machine FPB132 Unit
Thesis A and Thesis B FCZ410 Unit
Time Based Media 1 FSE111 Unit
Time Based Media 2A FSE214 Unit
Time Based Media 2B FSE215 Unit
Topics in Music 1 FCA442 Unit
Topics in Music 2 FCA443 Unit
Typography FSG302 Unit
Understanding the Cultural and Creative Industries HEJ613 Unit
Visual Communication 1 FSG111 Unit
Visual Communication 2A FSG214 Unit
Visual Communication 2B FSG215 Unit
Writing About Music FCA113 Unit
Writing for Performance FPB255 Unit
Writing for Screen HEJ357 Unit
Writing Media: Stories and Content HEJ160 Unit

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