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Advanced Topics in Dementia Care CAD306 Unit
Advanced Topics in Policies and Systems in Dementia CAD703 Unit
Advanced Topics in Public Health and Dementia CAD704 Unit
Advanced Topics in the Neurobiology of Dementia CAD302 Unit
Chronicity and Multimorbidity CAD119 Unit
Dementia Friendly Societies CAD308 Unit
Dementia Policy and Care Coordination CAD208 Unit
Effective Communication for Dementia Care CAD117 Unit
Health and Social Care in Dementia 1 CAD501 Unit
Health and Social Care in Dementia 2 CAD601 Unit
Health Services for an Ageing Population CAD115 Unit
Individual and Community Approaches to Dementia Prevention CAD207 Unit
Inter-professional Education and Practice in Dementia Care CAD113 Unit
Introduction to Ageing, the Brain and Dementia CAD101 Unit
Introduction to General Studies in Dementia in Australia CAD003 Unit
Introduction to Therapeutic Approaches for Dementia CAD116 Unit
Mental Health and Wellbeing in Older Adults CAD210 Unit
Methods for Dementia Research CAD600 Unit
Navigating the Aged Care System CAD209 Unit
Negotiated Project in Dementia CAD304 Unit
Neurobiology of Dementia 1 CAD502 Unit
Neurobiology of Dementia 2 CAD602 Unit
Neuroscience Research in Dementia CAD301 Unit
Neurospeak Online CAD005 Unit
Nutrition, Dysphagia and Dementia CAD205 Unit
Policies and Systems in Dementia 1 CAD503 Unit
Policies and Systems in Dementia 2 CAD603 Unit
Preventative and Therapeutic Approaches in Dementia Care CAD202 Unit
Principles of Palliative Care CAD203 Unit
Principles of Supportive Care for People With Dementia CAD104 Unit
Public Health and Dementia 1 CAD504 Unit
Public Health and Dementia 2 CAD604 Unit
Qualitative Research in Aged and Dementia Care CAD305 Unit
Social Constructs of Ageing CAD118 Unit
The Art and Science of Clinical Trials CAD303 Unit
The Global Challenge of Understanding Dementia XBR121 Unit
The Neurobiology of Dementia CAD201 Unit
Translating Evidence into Dementia Care CAD307 Unit

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