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Addictive Behaviours KHA601 Unit
Adjustment To Change KHA507 Unit
Adult Psychopathology KHA713 Unit
Advanced Assessment KHA721 Unit
Advanced Topics in Psychology Practice KHA459 Unit
Assessment, Professional Roles & Ethics KHA453 Unit
Behaviour Change 1 KHA714 Unit
Behaviour Change 2 KHA724 Unit
Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience PSY224 Unit
Big Decisions! Rational belief and action in an uncertain world XBR111 Unit
Brain and Behaviour PSY112 Unit
Clinical Child Psychology KHA722 Unit
Clinical Placement 1 KHA745 Unit
Clinical Placement 1 and Clinical Placement 2 and Clinical Placement 3 KHA747 Unit
Clinical Psychology PSY305 Unit
Clinical Psychology KHA305 Unit
Clinical Research Skills KHA710 Unit
Cognitive Neuroscience KHA303 Unit
Contemporary approaches in counselling PSY201 Unit
Counselling Fundamentals KHA235 Unit
Counselling Fundamentals KHA335 Unit
Counselling Fundamentals PSY235 Unit
Counselling Skills 1 KHA501 Unit
Counselling Skills 2 KHA502 Unit
Current Issues in Assessment KHA711 Unit
Ethics & Professional Practice KHA734 Unit
Forensic Psychology PSY312 Unit
Foundational Mental Health Awareness and Response Skills PSY303 Unit
Health and Psychological Wellbeing PSY223 Unit
Health Psychology KHA749 Unit
Human Behaviour in Extreme Environments KHA336 Unit
Human Behaviour in Extreme Environments PSY336 Unit
Human Behaviour in Extreme Environments KHB701 Unit
Individual Differences and Psychological Assessment KHA329 Unit
Lifespan Developmental Psychology KHA302 Unit
Lifespan Developmental Psychology PSY302 Unit
Neuropsychology and Clinical Neuroscience PSY325 Unit
Professional Ethics and Practice KHA505 Unit
Professional Practice 1 KHA735 Unit
Professional Practice 2 KHA740 Unit
Professional Practice 3 and Advanced Ethics and Professional Practice KHA757 Unit
Professional Practicum 1 KHA730 Unit
Professional Practicum 2 KHA759 Unit
Psychological Assessment and Measurement PSY324 Unit
Psychological Processes and Cognition PSY125 Unit
Psychology & Law KHA312 Unit
Psychology A KHA111 Unit
Psychology B KHA112 Unit
Psychology for the Future PSY113 Unit
Psychology in Context PSY126 Unit
Psychology of Language KHA331 Unit
Psychopharmacology & Substance Use KHA712 Unit
Rehabilitation Counselling KHA602 Unit
Relationships Counselling KHA619 Unit
Research Design & Ethics KHA451 Unit
Research Design 1 KHA716 Unit
Research Methods KHB100 Unit
Research Methods 3 KHA350 Unit
Research Project A and Research Project B KHA458 Unit
Research Skills in Psychology and Research Methods PSY211 Unit
Research Thesis 1A-2B KHA752 Unit
Social Psychology KHA207 Unit
Social Psychology PSY207 Unit
Speech Pathology Practice 1 CXA725 Unit
Stress, Self-Care and Mindfulness PSY114 Unit
Stress, Self-Care and Mindfulness PSY214 Unit
Theoretical Controversies in Psychology KHA452 Unit
Transferable Skills in Psychology PSY111 Unit
Understanding Individuality and Abnormality PSY124 Unit
Working with Children and Young Adults KHA618 Unit

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