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Advanced Biochemistry and Molecular Biology CBA343 Unit
Advanced Cardiology in Paramedicine CAA322 Unit
Advanced Clinical Reasoning in Out of Hospital Practice CAA500 Unit
Advanced Immunology and Advanced Immunology for Masters CJA514 Unit
Advanced Management of Acute Cases in Paramedicine CAA602 Unit
Advanced Management of Complex Cases in Paramedicine CAA601 Unit
Advanced Research Skills CAM306 Unit
Advanced Topics in Defence Paramedicine 2 CAA213 Unit
Advanced Trauma and Environmental Paramedicine CAA222 Unit
Applied Physiology CHP330 Unit
Basic Pathological Processes and Immunity CJA212 Unit
Biochemistry A (Pharmacy) CBA221 Unit
Biochemistry: Metabolism & Nutrition CBA260 Unit
Biomolecular Approaches to Medical Research CAM312 Unit
Cellular Basis of Disease CAM107 Unit
Clinical Paramedicine 1 CAA111 Unit
Clinical Paramedicine 2 CAA221 Unit
Clinical Redesign CAM554 Unit
Clinical Redesign Diagnostics and Analysis CAM509 Unit
Clinical Redesign Solutions and Implementation CAM510 Unit
Clinical Supervision in Health Professions CAM609 Unit
Communicable Disease Epidemiology CAM307 Unit
Communicable Disease Epidemiology CAM626 Unit
Contemporary Issues in Paramedic Practice CAA312 Unit
Contemporary Neonatal Intensive Care Practice CNA521 Unit
Effective Communication in Science CAM403 Unit
Environmental Emergencies for Out-of-Hospital Practice CAA305 Unit
Environmental Health CAM617 Unit
Environmental Health Law CAM543 Unit
Environmental Health Management and Protection CAM544 Unit
Environmental Health Practice A CAM546 Unit
Environmental Health Practice B CAM547 Unit
Environmental Health Risk Assessment and Management CAM545 Unit
Evaluating Health Interventions CAM618 Unit
Evidence Based Research Methods CAA209 Unit
Expedition Medicine CAM631 Unit
Experimental Design and Analysis in Medical Research CAM204 Unit
Extreme Sports Medicine CAM634 Unit
Flow Cytometry CAM517 Unit
Flow Cytometry, Histology and Microscopy CAM702 Unit
Foundation of Medicine 1 CAM101 Unit
Foundations of Medicine 2 CAM102 Unit
Foundations of Paramedicine CAA100 Unit
Foundations of Public Health CAM106 Unit
Fundamentals of Clinical Science 1 CAM201 Unit
Fundamentals of Clinical Science 2 CAM202 Unit
Fundamentals of Clinical Science 3 and Functional Clinical Practice CAM305 Unit
Global Health Systems CAM520 Unit
Health Economics CAM628 Unit
Health Policy, Economics and Advocacy CAM638 Unit
Health Research Methods CAM720 Unit
Healthcare Quality and Safety: A Patient-Centred Approach CAM540 Unit
Human Anatomy and Physiology 1A CZZ101 Unit
Human Genetics CEA301 Unit
Human Physiology CHP208 Unit
Human Physiology CHP207 Unit
Humans in Space CAM632 Unit
Infectious Disease CAM208 Unit
Interprofessional Clinical Placement 2 CAA207 Unit
Introduction to Biostatistics CAM625 Unit
Introduction to Data Management CAM402 Unit
Introduction to Epidemiology CAM528 Unit
Introduction to Public Health CAM529 Unit
Leadership in Health and Human Services CAM539 Unit
Leading and Managing Change in Health and Human Services CAM722 Unit
Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Care CAA215 Unit
Major Project Part A CAM723 Unit
Major Project Part B CAM724 Unit
Management in Health and Human Services CAM620 Unit
Medical Emergencies for Out-of-Hospital Practice 1 CAA205 Unit
Medical Emergencies for Out-of-Hospital Practice 2 CAA206 Unit
Medical Microbiology CJA313 Unit
Medical Microbiology and Medical Microbiology for Masters CJA513 Unit
Medical Research Project A CAM703 Unit
Medical Research Project B CAM704 Unit
Medical Science Honours CJA440 Unit
Medicine in Extreme Environments CAM619 Unit
Medicine Year 4 - 4A and Medicine Year 4 - 4B CAM418 Unit
Medicine Year 5 - 5A and Medicine Year 5 - 5B CAM519 Unit
Mental Health Care in Out of Hospital Practice CAA210 Unit
Molecular Biology and Protein Biochemistry CBA341 Unit
Molecular Biology in Health & Disease CBA265 Unit
Musculoskeletal Anatomy CAM309 Unit
Neuroscience A CHP311 Unit
Neuroscience B CHP312 Unit
Non-Communicable Disease Prevention CAM624 Unit
Obstetrics and Paediatrics in Paramedic Practice CAA307 Unit
Operational Aspects of Healthcare in Remote and Extreme Environments CAM503 Unit
Outbreak Management CAM637 Unit
Paramedic Practice 3 CAA201 Unit
Paramedic Practice 4 CAA202 Unit
Paramedic Practice 7 CAA310 Unit
Paramedic Practice 8 CAA311 Unit
Paramedicine 1 CAA110 Unit
Perspectives on Ageing CNA146 Unit
Pharmacotherapeutics Statewide PCS001 Unit
Positive Psychology & Leadership CAM622 Unit
Practical Skills for Remote Health Care CAM630 Unit
Principles of Paramedic Practice 1 CAA107 Unit
Principles of Paramedic Practice 2 CAA108 Unit
Professional Development in Paramedic Practice CAA309 Unit
Professional Practice A CAM705 Unit
Psychology of Language PSY331 Unit
Public Health Intervention Practice CAM633 Unit
Public Health Surveillance CAM636 Unit
Research and Evaluation Practicum CAM404 Unit
Research Experience in Paramedicine CAA314 Unit
Research Literacy CZZ103 Unit
Research Project in Health and Disease CBA344 Unit
Risk Management and Governance CAM621 Unit
Scientific and Research Literacy CAM103 Unit
Supervision & Leadership, Theory, Process & Practice CAM521 Unit
Systems Thinking in Public Health CAM530 Unit
Systems-based Approaches to Medical Research CAM313 Unit
Techniques in Molecular Biology and Protein Biochemistry CBA342 Unit
The Older Adult in Paramedicine CAA246 Unit
Topics in Paramedicine 1 CAA211 Unit
Topics in Paramedicine 2 CAA212 Unit
Translational Research and Health Service Innovation CAM538 Unit
Trauma Care in Out-of-Hospital Practice CAA306 Unit

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