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Advanced Concepts in Nutrition CXA324 Unit
Anatomy and Physiology for Health Care 1 CXA133 Unit
Anatomy and Physiology for Health Care 2 CXA136 Unit
Anatomy and Physiology of the Head, Neck and Thorax CXA112 Unit
Applied Anatomy and Neurosciences CXA307 Unit
Becoming an Allied Health Professional CXA705 Unit
Biomechanics CXA203 Unit
Bioscience 1 CXA204 Unit
Bioscience 2 CXA310 Unit
Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy Practice CXA739 Unit
Cell and Molecular Biochemistry CXA315 Unit
Clinical Chemistry 1 CXA651 Unit
Clinical Chemistry 1 CXA251 Unit
Clinical Chemistry 2 CXA652 Unit
Clinical Chemistry 2 CXA352 Unit
Clinical Chemistry 3 (Endocrinology) CXA653 Unit
Clinical Chemistry 3 (Endocrinology) CXA353 Unit
Clinical Exercise Practicum 1 CXA443 Unit
Clinical Exercise Practicum 2 CXA446 Unit
Clinical Exercise Practicum 3 CXA447 Unit
Clinical Perspectives of Therapeutic Medication Management CNA558 Unit
Community and Public Health Nutrition CXA214 Unit
Community and Public Health Nutrition CXA185 Unit
Data, Information and Knowledge CRH501 Unit
E-Health CRH602 Unit
Environmental Health Practicum 1 and Environmental Health Practicum 2 CXA408 Unit
Environmental Health Professional Project CXA411 Unit
Evaluating Public Health Interventions CXA319 Unit
Evidence Informed Practice for Quality and Safety CXA218 Unit
Evidence-Based Research in Health Sciences CXA328 Unit
Exercise Behaviour and Exercise for Mental Disorders CXA416 Unit
Exercise for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disorders CXA329 Unit
Exercise for Metabolic Disorders, Kidney Disease and Cancers CXA414 Unit
Exercise for Musculoskeletal Disorders CXA330 Unit
Exercise for Neurological and Neuromuscular Disorders CXA415 Unit
Exercise for Workplace Health and Occupational Rehabilitation CXA417 Unit
Exercise Nutrition CXA323 Unit
Exercise Physiology CXA237 Unit
Food Studies CXA100 Unit
Food, Health and Environment CXA322 Unit
Foundation of Physiotherapy CXA706 Unit
Foundations of Health Literacy CXA184 Unit
Foundations of Physiotherapy CXA736 Unit
Foundations of Speech Pathology CXA724 Unit
Foundations of the Human Body CXA171 Unit
Functional and Surface Anatomy CXA232 Unit
Fundamentals of Bioscience CXA107 Unit
General and Medical Microbiology and General and Medical Microbiology CXA241 Unit
Haematology 1 CXA231 Unit
Haematology 1 CXA631 Unit
Haematology 2 CXA332 Unit
Haematology 2 and Haematology 2 CXA632 Unit
Health Promotion: Principles and Planning CXA213 Unit
Health Services and Health Informatics CXA309 Unit
Health, Exercise and Sport Assessment CXA234 Unit
Health, Exercise and Sport Prescription and Delivery CXA233 Unit
Health: Determinants and Analysis CXA103 Unit
Healthcare and Health Professionals CXA111 Unit
Histology CXA625 Unit
Histopathology and Histopathology CXA622 Unit
Honours Research 2 and Honours Research 3 and Honours Research 4 CXA423 Unit
Human Anatomy and Physiology 1B CZZ102 Unit
Human Molecular Biology CXA300 Unit
Human Molecular Biology CXA600 Unit
Human Nutrition CXA108 Unit
Immunology CXA211 Unit
Integrated Speech Pathology Practice CXA744 Unit
Introduction to Community and Public Health Policy CXA221 Unit
Introduction to Health Informatics CRH500 Unit
Introduction to Medical Laboratory Sciences CXA101 Unit
Introductory Biochemistry CXA125 Unit
Introductory Linguistics for Speech Pathology CXA113 Unit
Living & Working with Cultural Diversity CZZ104 Unit
Med Lab Practice and Placement 1 & 2 and MLabMed Professional Placement CXA704 Unit
Med Lab Practice and Placement 1 &2 and MLabMed Professional Placement CXA412 Unit
Medical Microbiology A and Medical Microbiology A CXA342 Unit
Medical Microbiology B and Medical Microbiology B CXA343 Unit
Medical Radiation Science CXA201 Unit
Metabolic Biochemistry CXA261 Unit
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy CXA708 Unit
Neurological Physiotherapy CXA740 Unit
Neurological Physiotherapy Practice CXA741 Unit
Nutrition and Disease CXA385 Unit
Nutrition Through the Lifecycle CXA209 Unit
Nutritional Assessment CXA228 Unit
Optimising Communication and Swallowing CXA735 Unit
Optimising Communication and Swallowing 1 CXA734 Unit
Pathology of Common Diseases CXA212 Unit
Pathophysiology 2 CXA243 Unit
Pathophysiology for Health Care 1 CXA240 Unit
Pathophysiology in Paramedicine 1 CXA290 Unit
Physical Activity and Health CXA210 Unit
Physical Activity Interventions for Health and Wellbeing CXA418 Unit
Physics for Health Sciences CXA115 Unit
Physiotherapy Practice CXA737 Unit
Physiotherapy Practice 1 CXA707 Unit
Physiotherapy Practice 2 CXA709 Unit
Planning public health interventions CXA229 Unit
Professional Experience in Exercise and Sport Science CXA327 Unit
Professional Experience in Health Sciences CXA334 Unit
Scientific Principles of Strength & Conditioning CXA304 Unit
The Diffusion of Health Technology (Managing Change) CRH604 Unit
Therapy Across the Lifespan CXA710 Unit
Transfusion Science CXA633 Unit
Transfusion Science and Transfusion Science CXA333 Unit
Transitioning to Community-Based Allied Health Practice CXA713 Unit

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