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Accountability and Accounting BFA103 Unit
Accounting and Financial Decision Making-UTAS College BFA113 Unit
Accounting Context and Method BFA104 Unit
Accounting for Managers BFA526 Unit
Accounting for Venture Decisions BAA537 Unit
Accounting Information Systems BFA221 Unit
Accounting Perspectives and Research BFA715 Unit
Accounting Systems and Processes BFA504 Unit
Accounting Theory BFA302 Unit
Advanced Financial Accounting BFA742 Unit
Advanced Financial Accounting - Accelerated Study Period 2, 2020 BFA301 Unit
Advertising and Promotion BMA349 Unit
Aged Care Governance: Context, Reforms and Systems BAA541 Unit
Aged Care Leadership and Management: Effective Internal and External Integration BAA542 Unit
Agriculture and Food Economics BEA310 Unit
Applied Accounting Systems BFA109 Unit
Applied Human Resource Management BMA219 Unit
Applied Quantitative Finance BEA653 Unit
Aspects of Voluntary Corporate Disclosure BFA407 Unit
Audit and Assurance BFA713 Unit
Auditing BFA303 Unit
Australian Tax Law BFA714 Unit
Banking and Financial Institutions BEA321 Unit
Behavioural and experimental economics BEA203 Unit
Behavioural Finance BEA708 Unit
Business and Corporate Law BFA601 Unit
Business and Corporate Law BAA215 Unit
Business Strategy BAA311 Unit
Business Strategy BMA202 Unit
Business to Business Marketing BMA605 Unit
Capstone Venture Project BAA745 Unit
Clinical Governance in Health Care BAA543 Unit
Commercial Law and Estate Planning BFA514 Unit
Communicating Safety and Quality in Healthcare BAA545 Unit
Communication for Business Professionals BMA116 Unit
Consumer Behaviour BMA262 Unit
Consumer Decision-Making BMA604 Unit
Core Issues in Sports and Recreation Management BMA117 Unit
Corporate Finance BEA343 Unit
Corporate Finance BEA651 Unit
Corporate Internship BAA709 Unit
Corporate Internship BAA323 Unit
Corporate Regulation and Accountability BFA213 Unit
Corporate Sustainability BFA527 Unit
CPA Contemporary Business Issues BFA731 Unit
CPA Ethics and Governance BFA502 Unit
CPA Financial Reporting BFA604 Unit
CPA Financial Risk Management BFA606 Unit
CPA Global Strategy and Leadership BFA737 Unit
CPA Strategic Management Accounting BFA738 Unit
Data Analysis and Management BMA418 Unit
Data Analytics for Accounting BEA213 Unit
Data analytics for accounting BFA747 Unit
Data and Business Decision Making BEA674 Unit
Derivative Securities - Sem 2020 BEA380 Unit
Derivatives BEA710 Unit
Derivatives BEA602 Unit
Designing Research BAA402 Unit
Developing and delivering a research presentation BAA403 Unit
Developing research topics in Accounting and Business Management BFA406 Unit
Developing Research topics in Accounting and Business Management BAA404 Unit
Digital and Social Media Marketing BMA610 Unit
Digital Health BAA632 Unit
Dissertation A BMA415 Unit
Dissertation in Economics A BEA414 Unit
Dissertation in Economics B BEA415 Unit
Dynamics of Tourism BMA115 Unit
Econometrics BEA342 Unit
Econometrics BEA472 Unit
Economic Policy in Action BEA121 Unit
Economics and Statistical Analysis BEA603 Unit
Economics for Managers BEA683 Unit
Economics of Health and Wellbeing BEA311 Unit
Economics of Social Issues BEA102 Unit
Ecosystem Services BEA103 Unit
Electronic Health Records BAA549 Unit
Employment Relations BMA341 Unit
Energy Economics and the Environment BEA313 Unit
Entrepreneurial Communication BAA612 Unit
Entrepreneurial Finance and Risk Management BAA746 Unit
Entrepreneurial Marketing BAA538 Unit
Entrepreneurship BAA211 Unit
Entrepreneurship and Innovation HKUE BMA334 Unit
Environmental and Resource Economics BEA308 Unit
Ethics and Professionalism BFA515 Unit
Evaluating Alternatives BEA332 Unit
Festivals and Events Management BMA236 Unit
Finance BEA475 Unit
Finance for Managers BFA728 Unit
Financial Accounting BFA201 Unit
Financial and Corporate Accounting BFA605 Unit
Financial Institutions and Markets BEA705 Unit
Financial Management BFA107 Unit
Financial Management BFA208 Unit
Financial Planning BFA204 Unit
Financial Planning Skills BFA610 Unit
Financial Risk Management BFA744 Unit
Fisheries Economics BEA314 Unit
Food, Wine and Agritourism BMA319 Unit
Foundations of Entrepreneurship - SOU - 2020 BMA246 Unit
Foundations of HRM BMA121 Unit
Foundations of Marketing BMA506 Unit
Game Theory for Business and Social Sciences BEA104 Unit
Global Strategy and Leadership BFA745 Unit
Honours Research Seminar in Accounting and Business Management BMA402 Unit
Human Resource Management in Action BMA220 Unit
Human Resource Management Practices A BMA317 Unit
Human Resource Management Practices B BMA318 Unit
Human Resource Project BMA335 Unit
Industrial Organisation BEA305 Unit
Industry Analysis BAA747 Unit
Insurance and Personal Risk BFA509 Unit
Integrated Marketing Communications BMA736 Unit
Integrated Marketing Communications BMA612 Unit
Intermediate Macroeconomics BEA220 Unit
Intermediate Microeconomics BEA200 Unit
International & National Business Experience BMA702 Unit
International Economics BEA105 Unit
International Economics BEA202 Unit
International Finance BEA309 Unit
International Financial Management BEA706 Unit
International Human Resource Management BMA777 Unit
International Marketing BMA785 Unit
International Trade BEA703 Unit
International Trade Regulation and Practice BFA603 Unit
Introduction to Behavioural Economics BEA106 Unit
Introduction to Corporate Governance BFA534 Unit
Introduction to Econometrics BEA242 Unit
Introduction to Environmental Economics BEA101 Unit
Introduction to Financial Management BFA503 Unit
Introduction to Financial Planning BFA508 Unit
Introduction to Health Informatics BAA500 Unit
Introduction to Honours Research in Accounting and Business Management BFA410 Unit
Introduction to International Business BMA181 Unit
Introduction to Management BMA101 Unit
Introduction to Quantitative Methods BEA109 Unit
Investment Analysis BEA652 Unit
Investment Analysis BEA286 Unit
Investment Planning BFA607 Unit
Issues in Corporate Governance and Compliance BFA418 Unit
Leadership and Change Management BMA701 Unit
Leadership in Organisations BMA328 Unit
Macroeconomics BEA471 Unit
Management Accounting BFA312 Unit
Management and Cost Accounting BFA612 Unit
Management Communications BMA206 Unit
Management Ethics BMA735 Unit
Managerial Social Responsibility BAA310 Unit
Managerial Social Responsibility BMA250 Unit
Managing Business in the Asia Pacific - SOU - 2020 BMA348 Unit
Managing Contemporary Organisations BMA501 Unit
Managing People and the Employment Relationship BMA583 Unit
Market Research and Decision-Making BMA611 Unit
Marketing Analytics and Metrics BMA708 Unit
Marketing in Society BMA507 Unit
Marketing Management BMA351 Unit
Marketing Research BMA331 Unit
Marketing Supply-Chain Strategy BMA607 Unit
Microeconomic Theory and Policy BEA300 Unit
Microeconomics BEA470 Unit
Monetary and Fiscal Policy BEA320 Unit
New Product and Service Development BMA608 Unit
Organisational Behaviour BMA247 Unit
Organisational Behaviour BMA547 Unit
Organisational Change and Development BMA314 Unit
Pathway to Accounting and Finance Careers BFA746 Unit
People and Organisations BAA111 Unit
Perspectives on Accounting and Corporate Governance BFA420 Unit
Prices and Profits BEA325 Unit
Principles and Models for Engagement with Consumers in Health Care BAA546 Unit
Principles of Economics BEA111 Unit
Principles of Finance BEA112 Unit
Principles of Marketing BMA251 Unit
Principles of Marketing and Principles of Marketing BMA151 Unit
Quantitative Economic Analysis BEA142 Unit
Quantitative Methods - Accelerated Study Period 2, 2020 BEA140 Unit
Regional Development in a Global Context BEA317 Unit
Research in Revenue and Cost Management BFA435 Unit
Research Methods BFA710 Unit
Research Methods and Analysis BAA704 Unit
Research Methods in Management BMA401 Unit
Research Project BAA739 Unit
Research Project BAA705 Unit
Research Project BMA798 Unit
Retail Marketing - Accelerated Study Period 3, 2020 BMA329 Unit
Retirement Planning BFA608 Unit
Safety in Health Service Management BAA770 Unit
Sales Management and Personal Selling BMA609 Unit
Services Marketing BMA606 Unit
Services Marketing - SOU - 2020 BMA258 Unit
Small Business Management BMA357 Unit
Social Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age XBR302 Unit
Socially Responsible Investing BFA757 Unit
Special Topics in Accounting and Business Management BMA403 Unit
Special Topics in Economics BEA474 Unit
Special Topics in Economics and Finance BEA307 Unit
Special Topics in Management BMA790 Unit
Strategic Brand Marketing BMA710 Unit
Strategic Entrepreneurship BAA539 Unit
Strategic Management BMA799 Unit
Strategic Management Accounting BFA743 Unit
Strategic Marketing Management BMA709 Unit
Strategic Sports and Recreation Management BMA315 Unit
Sustainability Related Governance and Assurance BFA760 Unit
Sustainable Finance BEA704 Unit
Sustainable Tourism BMA207 Unit
Tax Clinic Internship BFA739 Unit
Tax Clinic Internship BFA304 Unit
Taxation BFA391 Unit
Taxation strategies BFA609 Unit
The Accounting Framework BFA507 Unit
The Diffusion of Health Technology BAA634 Unit
The Future of Human Resource Management BMA336 Unit
The Science and Practice of Clinical Safety, Quality and Accountability (1) BAA544 Unit
Theories of Work and Organisation BMA217 Unit
Thinking Strategically: The Competitive Edge BEA236 Unit
Venture Planning BAA748 Unit
Venture Project A - Situation Analysis BAA540 Unit
Venture Project B - Opportunity Analysis BAA614 Unit
Venture Project C - Business Model Assessment BAA749 Unit
Workplace Attributes BAA711 Unit
Workplace Communication BAA606 Unit
Workplace Literacy BAA514 Unit
Workplace Project BAA706 Unit

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